DiallelAnalysisR: Diallel Analysis with R

Muhammad Yaseen1, and Kent M. Eskridge2
  1. Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Agriculture Faisalabad, Pakistan.
  2. Department of Statistics, University of Nebraska Lincoln, NE, USA.


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Performs Diallel Analysis with R using Griffing’s and Hayman’s approaches. Four different Methods (1: Method-I (Parents + F1’s + reciprocals); 2: Method-II (Parents and one set of F1’s); 3: Method-III (One set of F1’s and reciprocals); 4: Method-IV (One set of F1’s only)) and two Models (1: Fixed Effects Model; 2: Random Effects Model) can be applied using Griffing’s approach.


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install.packages("DiallelAnalysisR", dependencies = TRUE)

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if (!require("remotes")) install.packages("remotes")

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news(package = "DiallelAnalysisR")

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  Muhammad Yaseen, and Kent M. Eskridge (2020).  DiallelAnalysisR:
  Diallel Analysis with R.R package version 0.3.0 ,

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