Pakistan Education Statistics 2017-18

Shah, D., Hussain, K. S., Khan, M. I., Yaseen, M., Kakli, M. B., Piracha, Z. F., Zia, M. A., and Javed, M. I.
(2021) National Education Management Information System (NEMIS), Academy of Educational Planning & Management (AEPAM), Islamabad, Pakistan, ISBN 978-969-444-115-3,


Report at a Glance

Part I: Analysis of Education Statistics

This part of the report includes the following four chapters:

Chapter 1: Introduction

This chapter gives a brief introduction of education system of the country. It also gives the structure of education sector from Pre-Primary to Higher Secondary level in Pakistan. It highlights how Education Management Information System (EMIS) is working in Pakistan along with different data sources used for compilation of this report. The limitations of the data collection for this publication are also given.

Chapter 2: Education Statistics: An Overview

The chapter highlights the basic educational statistics based on number of institutions, student enrolment and number of teachers with respect to gender, education categories, public/private & provinces/regions divide for these parameters.

This chapter compares last five years educational data for public/private sector with respect to gender, education categories & provinces/regions. Last five years trends for number of institutions, student enrolment & number of teachers in all provinces/regions of the country are highlighted. Change in gross enrolment & adjusted net enrolment ratios are also depicted graphically.

Chapter 4: Effectiveness of the Education System

This chapter focuses on quality of education which is also a major concern for education planners and managers, therefore, the key indicators used to measure quality of education system are discussed using important indicators like Survival Rate, Pupil-Teacher, Pupil-School and Teacher-School Ratios. In addition the availability of different physical facilities in the education system are also highlighted.

Part II: Education Statistics

This part gives detailed education statistics data in the form of tables. At the start of each chapter in Part-II a list of data sources and explanatory notes for the tables are given for the benefit of the user of PES 2017-18.

Chapter 5: Key Education Indicators

The chapter gives data tables for Survival, Effective Transition & Literacy Rates.

Chapter 6: Institutions

Data tables depicting information about formal & non-formal education institutions of all the Provinces/Regions are given in this chapter.

Chapter 7: Enrolment

Data tables relating to student enrolment in different education categories are given in this chapter.

Chapter 8: Teachers

Statistics about teaching staff serving in different sectors of education & in different provinces/regions are presented in this chapter.

Chapter 9: Physical Facilities

The data related to availability of physical facilities in educational institutions in public sector is given in this chapter.