Studying the impact of farm mechanization on wheat production in Punjab-Pakistan

Yamin, M., Tahir, A., Nasir, A., and Yaseen, M.
(2011) Soil & Environment, 30 (2), 151-154

Contribution of mechanical inputs in farming is considered in terms of farm mechanization. Farm mechanization has helped in increasing the cultivated area and yield of major crops like wheat, rice and maize to 0.4%, 10.4% and 27.3% respectively by bringing barren land under cultivation (GOP, 2006). To study the present status of farm mechanization in all the districts of Punjab using GIS, data of farm machines, sowing area and wheat crop production was collected from Census Organizations for 1994-95 to 2004-05. Graduated color maps and multivariate maps were used to analyze the spatial variation in farm mechanization in thirty four districts of Punjab upto year 2004. To analyze the combined effect of most common farm machines (tractors, disc plows, cultivators, tubewells and threshers) on cultivated area of wheat and its production, multivariate maps help by considering the sum attribute of these farm machines. According to maps generated; Central, Southern and Eastern Punjab have greater area under cultivation as compared to Northern Punjab except Attock and Mianwali and there is a great need of recommended farm machines which may help to increase the wheat production for the same area under cultivation. Tractor horse power has a greater contribution in increasing cultivated area and the wheat production in 1994-1995 and 2004-05 but in some districts like D.G. Khan, Layyah and Muzaffar Garh, the wheat production can be increased by improving the impact of tractor horse power.